A Walk to the Rocky River

This past weekend, Mau, Lucy and I went for a long walk down the hill to the river. Lucy is used to getting a walk every day, and this is her 'I'm ready to go' look. She was running around the house wiggling her butt and barking.

It's a long walk compared to what we usually do, but it's pretty and we pass the golf course and the riding stables.

We don't golf or ride horses, but we do enjoy walking! This is the view at the bottom of the hill.

I think that for Ohio, it's pretty nice. Especially in the Fall when the leaves turn colors.

We took a trail by the river and walked on the rocky parts, finding a brick from Youngstown!

Once we got to the park we played a little frisbee until Lucy's whining got too loud to deal with. It was a busy day at the park. There were a lot of picnics going on and a birthday party that had a Sponge Bob pinata. It always feels good to take a walk in the park.

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