I Want Dreds

I feel the need to get dredlocks, but noone seems to think this is a great idea for me. There's nothing like having regrets, and when I'm 90, I don't want to look back and wish that I had done it. Will it happen?? What do you think?


A Writing Course

I am currently in a travel writing class, so I will be posting my articles here for the next 8 weeks. I'm also going to make an effort to blog about something, anything at least every few days.

Here is my first work - we were not allowed to use generic descriptive words, so I was relying heavily on the thesaurus......

I wake up in the morning wondering if the fog will rise. It always begins this way. There is cloud cover all the way to the base, and you wouldn’t even know there was a volcano there.

As I’m eating breakfast, I watch the fog recede upward, and the lush green trees show themselves. Please keep going, I think. Show yourself today.

What I’m hoping to see is the Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica. Forty years ago, this volcano buried its town and caused massive destruction. Now, hotel resorts, restaurants, and gift shops safely surround the area, and visitors come to revel in its grandeur.

Sometimes the fog never rises, and the volcano remains hidden for days or even weeks. I am hoping it isn’t one of those days.

I am lucky, and the fog continues to move upward, unveiling varied colors of grey. Then the rumbling comes. I look through the binoculars to see the car sized rocks running hurriedly down the side into the vast green where they will rest. As the day continues, the fog lifts all the way, revealing the craggy top of the volcano. The unceasing smoke streams out to meet the wind. Later, when it is dark, the rocks that are spewing out will create an orange trail streaming down the side. I could sit all day and night staring at this splendid site. What a humbling experience it is to view this majestic, active, untamed volcano.