The Olympics

Wow - watching the opening ceremonies of the olympics last night was a beautiful visual experience. Not only was their technology amazing, but the way the people were syncronized in those performances was truly impressive. When an artist has an unlimited budget, sensational things happen.

The Olympics always makes me feel good, like the whole world gets along. It makes you realize how similar we all are, despite what part of the world we are from. When you see those athletes from Iraq, you realize that it's not just a country of crazy people running around with guns. They are just regular people, just like you and me. At least I hope people realize that.

I'm really excited to watch the Olympics for the next couple weeks. It will probably interfere terribly with the work that I'm supposed to be doing, but hey - it's excusable, right? I love when they show all the different spots in China, and I'm interested to get more of a glance into Chinese life. I'm sure they will be showing it in the most positive light, but I'm sure that there will be some videos on youtube from tourists of the not-so-nice China. I'm also a big fan of those little segments where they show the life of a certain athlete. It's all dramatic with music and all the sacrifices they've made to get to this point and I hope that some of them make me cry. These people are maniacs for thier chosen sport and spend their whole lives training for them. Maybe when couch sitting becomes an Olympic sport, I'll be there too!

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