Selling My Car

I am trying to sell my Jetta and my husband's Subaru, so I listed them on Craigslist. I know from having a business and running a rental that people are flaky, inconsiderate, and just plain rude. But the most interesting situation yet happened to me tonight. A girl named megan emailed that she wanted to see the Jetta. I emailed back my phone number. she emailed back that she would figure a time to drive it tonight and call me. She calls me and she sets the time of 6pm to come drive the car. She calls just before 6pm to tell me that she is in front of my house and can see the Jetta.

At this point Megan seems like a good person. She has emailed and called a few times each. She is looking at the Jetta and telling me she's there. Seems normal or maybe I would say better than normal.

It takes me a few minutes to find the key and get outside because we have remodeling going on in the house. I go outside and walk to the end of the driveway. As I come into view of Megan's Toyota Camry -which is parked right in front of my Jetta - her car starts and Megan (and the other person in the car) drive away.


I call and get megan's voicemail because I'm trying to get an explanation. Nothing. No call back.

I am no longer shocked by people's rudeness, but I just have to laugh, because that was unbelievable!

How about just getting out of the car and saying - 'Hey, I see the car and I'm not really interested?'


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